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This is a cool idea. What I would like though is that you also write next to the ingredient how much it's supposed to be. Also I think you should do some kind of play/pause button.
Well done.

orv responds:

Thanks. I was going to add a pause button and subtitles, but I ran out of time before the deadline and cant be bothered to go back and add them.

Oh yeah!

Wow, funniest thing today. Keep up the good work!


Why should dick jokes and sprite movies be black humor? And what is black humor anyway? Humor is humor... Atleast I don't split it up in different categories

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I always play flash games expanded when possible so lvl 19 was impossible for me until I understood it was a bug. Otherwise it's fine.

By the way, what's the puzzle at lvl 17 called?


Are you supposed to be able to upload your own songs later? If that is the case then why would anyone want to use this instead of any other music player. You have to make something special about it. Maybe that you can listen to other peoples music or something like that.

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tacosorburritos responds:

I could make one for people who use the audio portal heavily for all there songs


Guess it was alright for a demo. Maybe you can make it look a little bit better. Maybe an inventory.

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I really loved the intro, without it I wouldn't have listened to the song. It builds up the song very good.
And I really like that it never goes too loud or too much of everything. It stays perfectly balanced. I like how you go up and down in the song. Like in the beginning the song goes really slow and then it kicks off but not all the way. It's like that through the whole song until the end where it really goes off like a rocket :P.
Perfect intro as i've said. Great song!

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Swingy all the way!

I really like this. Without the swingy stuff the song would be nothing but songs like this is what makes you really great!


You can still do really amazing songs. The sounds are cool and really fits to the rhytm of the song.
Not really sure about the middle part though, Feels like it's missing something.
Great work! :)

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